The Belhus, thoroughbred form and function

The Belhus custom build as a true testament to our commitment to excellence in design and construction. This remarkable residence is the embodiment of our passion for crafting homes that seamlessly blend the best of modern innovation with the timeless charm of their natural surroundings.

Home Type
Single Storey / Modern Farmhouse
4 Bedrooms / 5.5 Bathrooms / Study / Pool House & Bar

Main Residence: 596.42 m2
Pool House: 64.91 m2
TOTAL AREA: 661.33 m2


The aim of the design was to put a modern spin on the classic Swan Valley home, carrying the area’s inherent charm while introducing contemporary elements.

Applying materials like stone and timber, which harmonise with the surroundings and neighbouring properties, was instrumental in anchoring the home to the earth and seamlessly integrating it into the natural landscape.

Coupled with soaring 38-course ceilings and strategically positioned atop elevated terrain, it presents a spacious internal ambience while also capitalising on panoramic vistas of the encompassing landscape.

The occupants are deeply entrenched in Western Australia’s equestrian realm, and have curated a dwelling that both fulfils their residential needs and doubles as a dedicated space for honing their equestrian skills and training their horses.

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