Your vision, your story – every step of the way.

As one of our limited build projects we do each year, we offer a flexible and collaborative approach to help you maximise your investment in your new home. Crafting a home that truly represents you requires dedication and passion from everyone involved – the designers, the trades, the contractors, and most importantly, you.

Our Process


Join us for a casual conversation so we can get a better idea of you, your goals and home ideas. Delve into various layouts, design concepts, interior and exterior styles, and share any inspirational photos you've gathered along the way. Let's collaborate to bring your dream home to life!


We dive deeper to align your vision with your budget. Discussing each aspect, we provide an accurate assessment of the building costs and set realistic time frames for the delivery of your new home. This way, you can plan the transition from your old home to your new one smoothly.


Our team of designers, consolidate all your ideas into design concepts. We focus on harnessing your block's orientation for the best views and light. With complete flexibility and creativity, we collaborate closely, continuously refining the designs based on your feedback and input, until you are happy with the floor plan and front elevation style. 3D modeling and visualisations, as well as walkthrough lifesize floor plans can ensure that you are happy with your design and floor plan decisions.


We offer a comprehensive breakdown of building and site-related costs, including optional inclusions. This includes options for a stress-free move-in experience. We handle the entire local council approval process diligently, ensuring no detail is overlooked and all requirements are met for planning and building approvals.



This is the fun part where you choose your colours, finishes, fixtures and fittings. We will make all of the necessary appointments before you make your selections. You will be given a chance to touch and feel the products before you make your final decision. With so many decisions to make, we understand this can be a little overwhelming, so we ensure our interior designer assists you in adding finishing touches that reflect your distinctive style.


Once building approval is complete and your selections are made, you’ll need to start up accounts with various service authorities (water, power, gas etc.). We will guide you through this process. Our project managers will collaborate with suppliers and contractors, anticipating and resolving potential issues.


This is where the action starts and building commences. Throughout the process, we'll keep you well-informed, sharing our ideas and maintaining open communication. We value flexibility and Ray, your builder, is always open to meet you on-site or answer questions by phone or email about finishes and schedules. This is part of the hands-on process that Mondo provides.


As your vision gets closer to reality, we will continue to give extensive attention to quality control. As part of our value add and commitment to peace of mind, we ensure building inspections are carried out by an independent, certified inspector. Once construction is complete we give you the opportunity to go over your new home with a fine-tooth comb to highlight any reasonable defects that require immediate attention before you move in.


Once everything has been signed off, we will hand over the keys, and you can move into your beautiful new home. However, our relationship with you doesn’t just end there – we are available to fix any issues that arise over the coming months. Additionally we schedule both 6 monthly and 12 monthly maintenance. It is our quality homes with our ongoing commitment to our clients that forms the foundation of Mondos’ ongoing success.


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