Mondo specialises in crafting personalised homes, not just houses.

Since winning the Master Builders Association Rising Star award in 2009, Mondo Exclusive Homes has gone on to be recognised state-wide, and nationally as a company, for multiple projects – across Perth.


Building a new home can seem quite daunting, but our role is to make sure that you get excited about the build and feel confident that you are getting exactly what you want for your budget.

You meet with Ray Kershaw on Day One of engagement and he personally supervises the trades – and is there – for the client right through to the handover and maintenance stages.

We firmly hold the belief that transparency paves the way for optimal outcomes. Thus, throughout the project’s duration, we endeavor to acquaint ourselves with your vision, providing unwavering assistance to ensure your dream home becomes a reality.

Our People

Our team is at the heart of what makes building with Mondo such a positive experience for our clients.

Many of our staff within the Mondo team, including our esteemed craftsmen, have dedicated over a decade to the company. This stands as evidence of the Mondo’s resolute dedication to fostering a constructive and enriching workplace atmosphere.

Although we undoubtedly prioritise crafting homes that proudly distinguish themselves on their streets, it is the connections forged throughout the journey that truly render our roles the most gratifying.

Meet the Builder

Building in WA has been a long family tradition. Ray’s father, who was also a respected project builder in WA brought Ray into the industry as an apprentice. “My father’s ethos was that it was necessary to understand and appreciate how hard every single job was, so one day you can supervise them, not get the wool pulled over your eyes, and understand and talk about the job at their level. He would place me with bricklayers for a month, followed by plasterers for a month, and then ceiling fixers and so on.” With this varied experience at his back, Ray Kershaw started his own renovation company, followed by site supervisor and site manager for project an commercial builders.

This led to the starting of Mondo Exclusive Homes in 2010. Since then Mondo has been recognised through multiple industry awards and is now very much about everything that Ray aimed to implement into the business a decade ago – bringing the skills, trades and quality (of the high-end commercial sector) back into the Perth residential market. Ray believes that builds in Perth are now more of a bespoke product, focusing on how clients live there.

Ray Kershaw continues to be driven by a desire to have a voice in and give back to the WA building industry. As well as being a Master Builders Association (MBA) WA board member, he has also been MBA WA Housing Council chair for the past three years. Mr Kershaw also works for the State Administrative Tribunal as a building expert between builders and clients.

My reputation holds immense significance, and over time, we have garnered recognition for our transparent approach to customer service.The fact that much of our business comes from repeat clients and referrals attests to this commitment.

Director Mondo Exclusive Homes

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