Two Storey

The unique benefits of a two-storey home include the potential for larger rooms and an overall more functional layout. Whether it’s a narrow or smaller block, or even a larger lot with plenty of room for a backyard and swimming pool, Mondo Exclusive Homes has the solutions to service your needs.

Single Storey

For functional and well-appointed single-storey residences that can fit on a variety of lot sizes, Mondo Exclusive Homes is your award-winning expert when it comes to superior inclusions, efficient build times, comprehensive supervision and renowned customer service.


Our full-service team understands that small or narrow lots are becoming more and more common in Perth and, as a result, has the expertise to help guide you through the entire build process. We will assist in designing your ultimate custom home that makes the most of the limited block space on offer. Bigger isn’t necessarily better, but the crew at Mondo Exclusive Homes will ensure that quality and workmanship is definitely amongst the best you will experience. Maximising the Space You Have.

Alternative Construction

The pressures of urban sprawl and housing affordability have created some interesting alternatives to traditional homes. Most are incorporating new materials and alternative construction methods – some that could see you move into a new home much quicker and at a much lower cost than using conventional designs and construction materials. Our team have extensive experience with niche methods and thinking “outside the box” when building new homes.


The multi-floored design of a split-level home offers fantastic separation for family activities. A custom split-level property is also an ideal solution for issues that may arise from building on a sloping site. Here at Mondo Exclusive Homes, we can assist you with the challenge of building the split-level home of your dreams. We also realise there may be council implications when building on a sloping site.


Mondo Exclusive Homes can assist you with not only a brand new home, but also with refreshing your existing home! Whether it’s a simple re-decorate, or a comprehensive addition or renovation, our talented team can guide you through the process and give your home a new lease on life.

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