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Thoroughbred Form and Function

At Mondo Exclusive Homes, we take immense pride in presenting the Belhus custom build as a true testament to our commitment to excellence in design and construction. This remarkable residence is the embodiment of our passion for crafting homes that seamlessly blend the best of modern innovation with the timeless charm of their natural surroundings.

Director Ray Kershaw’s vision for the Belhus project was to pay homage to the traditional Swan Valley home, while also infusing it with contemporary elements. Our team diligently worked to ensure that every aspect of this home harmonizes with the beauty of its environment. Through the thoughtful selection of materials such as render, natural stone, and timber, we have successfully anchored the Belhus home in its idyllic natural setting.

With over 750 square meters of living space and soaring ceilings, the Belhus offers an expansive interior that captures breathtaking panoramic views. The stone-clad walls that seamlessly extend from the facade into the interior provide an earthy, yet luxurious touch that connects the inside with the outside.

The interior design of the Belhus is characterised by a minimal and contemporary aesthetic, creating an open and uncluttered space that exudes sophistication. The polished concrete floors, stone accents, double-sided fireplace, and timber-lined ceilings are testaments to our attention to detail and our commitment to quality. The neutral color palette chosen perfectly complements the soft furnishings, creating a sense of timeless elegance.

The outdoor area of the Belhus is a haven for those who love to entertain, with a purpose-built pool house that boasts an American-style barbecue, bar fridges, and more. Furthermore, this property caters to equestrian enthusiasts, functioning not only as a luxurious residence but also as a space for horse training.

At Mondo Exclusive Homes, we recognise the importance of sustainability, and the Belhus project is no exception. Advanced glazing, insulation, and rainwater tanks have been incorporated to ensure energy efficiency and a low environmental footprint, aligning with our dedication to creating homes that are both environmentally responsible and luxurious.

The Belhus custom build is a reflection of our unwavering commitment to delivering homes that seamlessly blend classic and modern design elements. It is our privilege to present this masterpiece in the heart of Swan Valley, offering luxury, functionality, and sustainability to those who appreciate the finer things in life.

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