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Uniting nature and in-vogue design

At Mondo Exclusive Homes, our passion lies in turning dreams into reality, and our latest project, a refined two-story coastal residence, has been an embodiment of that vision. Located in a serene seaside setting, this project is a modern interpretation of the classic beach abode. Let’s take you behind the scenes of our design process and showcase the unique features that make this coastal retreat truly exceptional.

The journey of this project begins with a vision deeply rooted in the classics. Our clients sought to create a contemporary coastal home that not only reflected their own dreams but also celebrated the timeless charm of coastal living. The desire to harmonize classic and contemporary elements set the stage for what would become a coastal masterpiece.

At Mondo Exclusive Homes, collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. We believe that turning dreams into reality is a collective effort. Our dedicated design team worked closely with the clients, shaping the initial concept from their brief and wish list. To bring their vision to life, we enlisted the expertise of an interior design consultant who added that extra layer of refinement to the project.

Aesthetic choices are central to our design philosophy. The monochromatic color scheme, which graces the front facade and runs through the entire home, encapsulates a sense of sophistication and modernity. It’s a testament to the idea that simplicity can be incredibly powerful.

One of the defining features of this coastal retreat is the extensive use of glass. We wanted to ensure that every corner of the home would be drenched in natural light. The journey begins at the glass entry door, which opens into a short hallway before leading to the heart of the home. The glass design not only amplifies the space but also forms a visual connection to the serene seaside location.

A central element of the home is the magnificent staircase. Bathed in natural light, it’s a stunning example of design that balances form and function. Timber treads and feature lighting infuse the area with a sense of openness and brightness. It’s a striking feature that sets the tone for the entire residence.

The blend of textures and materials, both internally and externally, adds character and depth to the home. From feature face brick and textured render to plastered walls, timber treads, and a steel staircase, the combination of these elements adds to the coastal feel of the residence. Challenges, such as aligning and installing staircase step lights, were approached with precision to achieve a harmonious design.

The ground floor of the residence was meticulously designed with family living in mind. Three minor bedrooms, two bathrooms, a home theater, and an open-plan living zone were created to facilitate family togetherness while still allowing for individual retreats. The living room, without a television, encourages quality family time. The north-facing orientation of the living area maximizes natural light and makes the pool a prominent feature, visible through multiple windows.

The first floor offers the homeowners a private sanctuary. It’s a space of respite with a study, a parents’ retreat, and a convenient kitchenette. The master bedroom, with its calming color palette and elegant materials, beautifully captures the coastal style, from plush carpet underfoot to floor-to-ceiling tiles in the ensuite.

As you step into the outdoor space, you’re greeted by a sprawling backyard designed for year-round entertainment. Carefully segmented, it offers separate sections for poolside relaxation, outdoor culinary adventures in the kitchen, and intimate conversations amidst garden seating planter areas. The combination of greenery, mature trees, aggregate, breeze blocks, and timber creates a functional and relaxing outdoor haven.

In conclusion, this coastal retreat is a testament to the Mondo Exclusive Homes vision of crafting timeless elegance. Our commitment to collaboration and an unwavering passion for design shines through in every corner of this coastal masterpiece. It’s a home where classic meets contemporary, and where the charm of coastal living is celebrated with sophistication and modernity. At Mondo Exclusive Homes, we are thrilled to bring our clients’ dreams to life, and this project is a testament to that dedication.

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